Oct 08 , 2020

Fundamentally Organic

Benefits of Drinking Almond Milk

Many of us including myself grew up drinking whole milk, as I got older I realized this is not the best option as it was causing me to break out and I felt like I was bloated 24/7.

After doing some research I attempted to transition to alternative options such as soy milk and coconut milk, but to be honest with you the taste was not doing it for me. I remember talking to one of my friends and communicating this to her, this is where she introduced Almond Milk ! I needed to find an alternative because who doesn’t love a bowl of cereal at night ? The transition then began and although it was a complete different taste I can’t imagine using any other milk now. For starters it is low on calories & sugar, which is great because that means I can splurge on them elsewhere. 

It was also great to say goodbye to being/feeling bloated all the time due to antioxidants in almond milk. Also a shocker almond milk provides calcium just like regular milk so don’t worry your bones are safe. Also if you’re like me and struggle with your metabolism wether its due to stress or other related factors almond milk is also proven to help your metabolism. Now if that doesn’t sound like a better option tell me what does! I have now been #teamalomondmilk for 3 years and trust me when I say that the difference is noticeable.